The silhouette

The silhouette will haunt me tonight and maybe even beyond.  In front of the headlights of the oncoming cars I could see the half circle rounded shape, lifted up by the stumpy legs  and the stretch out of the neck, with a head no wider than the diameter of its stalk.  He was headed across the road, in actual slow motion.  There was cars coming towards me, a truck behind me, and at one hundred clicks on a wet highway, swerving wasn’t a safe option. I squealed like the proverbial instead and imagining a gentle smile and soft tilt of his tiny head on his stalk neck in my direction I held steady – and I missed him.  I hope being green he has at least a little Irish luck, and completes his insanely perilous journey.


Writing in September

What I’m writing in September…

I’m working on haikus!  A Haiku is a  form of Japanese verse.  A haiku has 17 syllables distributed over 3 lines  –  5, 7, and 5 syllables.   They sound easy, but I have discovered that not only is less more in quality, it is a lot more in work!  When you rabbit on (as I tend to do) with long form writing, not every word has to be spot on perfect.  But, in a haiku, every single syllable must earn it’s place 100 percent.  Not only that, but it seems that the definition of a syllable can be subjective to whoever is reading it!

Here is one I wrote a little while ago, an ode to my mother…


She has a black thumb,

So tries to keep a fake plant,

Alas, plastic melts

Check out more great haikus here.



5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

1. Because he seems to believe kids – including teenagers – are better people than adults.
2. Because he’s one of Australia’s most popular and successful YA authors and still makes other writers feel hope due to his success, not despair that they may never reach his level.
3. Because he’s had a heart attack and still hiked up a damn hill faster than me. Respect, man.
4. Because he said fuck at our high school talk. He doesn’t pretend teenagers don’t say fuck, or that people shouldn’t.
5. The Tomorrow When the War Began series. Nuff said.

Check his stuff out – in case I didn’t explain well enough, he is awesome.

WIP ‘Superior’ young adult fiction novel, part 1 available on Wattpad.

Check out work-in-progress #yafiction “Superior” on #Wattpad

I’m just learning what Wattpad is all about! For those who don’t know, writers can share their stories on there, free for users to read and comment on. This kind of feedback is invaluable to emerging writers and I’m very excited to get some constructive criticism from the people that matter most to a writer, the readers.

Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

The Knowing and Knowledge tutorial subject in week seven was as follows, “Life inevitably brings pain and loss. One will need to grieve for loved ones who are gone. All that is normal. What is abnormal is the increasingly common attitude that there is a ‘cure’ or ‘pill’ for every ‘problem’ that all suffering is somehow unnatural and not to be tolerated.”

This is a very broad and diverse issue, with two main sides to the argument, as well as many different opinions and ‘but’ questions and statements in the middle. The statement made by this person clearly defines their stance. Their opinion is that suffering over personal loss is normal, and it is unnatural to be using medications to cure ourselves of this par Continue reading