What Jack has done as a 4 year old.


1. Has said fuck very loudly and in perfect context. At kinder.
2. Showed great love by catching me in tears, then displayed how well he can run (and stop) and jump, and sing, to cheer me up.
3. Learned quickly that the gold coins are worth more than the silver ones – even if the 50c piece is the biggest.
4. Cried at not having bad dreams, as he wanted to ‘be brave at the monsters.’ And kill them.
5. Tickled a stranger on the neck in McDonalds. Apparently the poor bloke just froze.
6. Stuck his tongue in my mouth about 75 times in a month. Bet he’ll love this story when he’s a teenager.
7. Said ‘I love you Mum, I just want to be in your skin.’ Nawww.
8. Become apoplectic at eating pumpkin – then poked raw chicken and shoved his fingers in his mouth.
9. Learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!
10. Proven that no matter how much I loved him before (a significantly humungous amount) I manage to love him more every single day.

Much love, Melissa xo


Toilet Training – done!

Almost done toilet training!

Yay, we are now a nappy free house! And in the end, it was actually much easier than I thought it would be, all it took was a bit of bribery, and NOT in the form of chocolates of toys!
The deal was simple, you do a wee in the toilet, you get a train sticker for your chart, and I made sure to include the entire family.
Toilet chart
It’s great to see Jack is winning!

Much love, Melissa xo

The things I know now Jack is three…

Fun on the slide

The things I know now Jack is three…

The tantrums are stronger, the cleverness is amazing, the cheekiness multiplied by a thousand; the love overwhelming.  I’d wager I learn something new about being a parent every single day, but here is a just a few lessons I have learned recently.

1.     1. How to share my food.  Anyone who knows me probably understands that I don’t mind sharing most things, but there is certain foods I have such an addiction to.  I can get quite selfish, or I’ll-stab-you-ferociously-with-a-fork-if-you-steal-one-chip-off-my-plateish.  But, I have learned to share, because Continue reading

I’m so excited about wee!

toilet roll

So the next step has been taken!  In true Jack style, it was all on his terms which is fine by me.  Basically we had spent the last several months encouraging him – as mentioned in previous post; letting him the toilet when we are in there (like we actually have a choice anyway) encouraging him to use the toilet or potty, and letting him run around with no pants on (again, like we even have a choice).  He acted like he wanted to, but no wee.  I even committed the evil act of attempting to bribe him with a prize – okay I’m cruel because I planned to the prize to be one mnm per wee, but that doesn’t matter now.

Anyway, this particularly exciting evening while myself and Shayne were busy, Jack wandered into the toilet, lifted the lid, widdled away, flushed, and walked off.  No mess, no fuss, and no request for previously promised bribe.  Never have I been so excited about a little bit of wee!  I always thought he’d bypass the potty Continue reading

The things my boy says and does at the age of two…

The things my boy says and does at the age of two…

‘It’s MINE!’  Any parent of a two year old would probably be well familiar with this firm statement.  Apparently by this time, everything is theirs.  And I mean everything.  ‘My Dadddddyyyy!’ he wails if Daddy isn’t home and I’m doing something evil like removing his shoes or something.   ‘Oh look, there’s Thomas,’ I might say, pointing at a toy.  ‘MY Thomas!’ Jack will snarl, snatching up said toy and clutching it to his chest.  How dare I look at and speak about something that is his?  His hair, too, is his (of course).  I try to touch it, or cut it, and I get yelled at.  ‘No, don’t, Mummy,’ he tells me, slapping his hands firmly to his head and glaring at me as if I was about to hack at it madly with a medieval sword.  ‘It’s my Continue reading

Our tale of toilet training…the road so far…

I always thought toilet training would be easier for boys, they have an aiming device after all, and what could be more fun than peeing on the grass?  Well, maybe not peeing on the grass, it seems.

Jack is showing every interest in the toilet, he must be in there if I need to go, he must close the door even though it is quite a tight fit, and he must roll out as much paper as he can, pop it in, and flush it.  I’ve managed to pull him up before filling the bowl with things it shouldn’t be, like empty toilet rolls, matchbox cars, and socks.  So far.  He knows what wee Continue reading

10 Things I have learned (or re-learned) since living in a house habituated by a toddler…

10 Things I have learned (or re-learned) since living in a house habituated by a toddler…

1. Stepping on Lego hurts like a bloody mofo. I’m sure it was painful enough when I actually was a kid, but now I weigh a lot more, and my reflexes are slower, making for prolonged foot-on-plastic contact. And Lego’s not the only thing, any small item buried in a shaggy rug is a bear trap. Soggy lollies, wet wipes, and don’t even ask me how it feels to kneel on a matchbox car.
Continue reading