Awkward recent convo with Jack

Jack “Mum, have you had sex?” 

Me (stunned inner panic for a few seconds and really just wanting to say ‘No’) “Um, where did you hear that? What do you mean mate?” 

J “Have you kissed Dad naked?” 

For once in my entire life actually stumped for words.  He then became totally engrossed in his iPad game and didn’t really seem to want an answer.   

Ten minutes later when curiosity around the source of his info was getting the better of me. 

M “What did you mean about sex before mate?” 

J “What is it?” 

M “It’s something grown-ups do.  It’s how babies are made and it’s just for grown-ups.’ 

He looked thoroughly disgusted and had obviously gotten enough information and thankfully went back to his game. 

Oh My Fucking God. 


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