Writing in September

What I’m writing in September…

I’m working on haikus!  A Haiku is a  form of Japanese verse.  A haiku has 17 syllables distributed over 3 lines  –  5, 7, and 5 syllables.   They sound easy, but I have discovered that not only is less more in quality, it is a lot more in work!  When you rabbit on (as I tend to do) with long form writing, not every word has to be spot on perfect.  But, in a haiku, every single syllable must earn it’s place 100 percent.  Not only that, but it seems that the definition of a syllable can be subjective to whoever is reading it!

Here is one I wrote a little while ago, an ode to my mother…


She has a black thumb,

So tries to keep a fake plant,

Alas, plastic melts

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Blogging Workshop

Busy trying to keep my head from exploding!

Currently at an awesome blogging workshop with Karen Andrews from Writers Victoria, learning quite a lot!  If only ‘technical difficulties’ were just not a thing

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