5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

5 reasons why John Marsden is awesome.

1. Because he seems to believe kids – including teenagers – are better people than adults.
2. Because he’s one of Australia’s most popular and successful YA authors and still makes other writers feel hope due to his success, not despair that they may never reach his level.
3. Because he’s had a heart attack and still hiked up a damn hill faster than me. Respect, man.
4. Because he said fuck at our high school talk. He doesn’t pretend teenagers don’t say fuck, or that people shouldn’t.
5. The Tomorrow When the War Began series. Nuff said.

Check his stuff out – in case I didn’t explain well enough, he is awesome. http://www.johnmarsden.com.au


WIP ‘Superior’ young adult fiction novel, part 1 available on Wattpad.

Check out work-in-progress #yafiction “Superior” on #Wattpad w.tt/1MfZvNL w.tt/1qu0LDu

I’m just learning what Wattpad is all about! For those who don’t know, writers can share their stories on there, free for users to read and comment on. This kind of feedback is invaluable to emerging writers and I’m very excited to get some constructive criticism from the people that matter most to a writer, the readers.