What Jack has done as a 4 year old.


1. Has said fuck very loudly and in perfect context. At kinder.
2. Showed great love by catching me in tears, then displayed how well he can run (and stop) and jump, and sing, to cheer me up.
3. Learned quickly that the gold coins are worth more than the silver ones – even if the 50c piece is the biggest.
4. Cried at not having bad dreams, as he wanted to ‘be brave at the monsters.’ And kill them.
5. Tickled a stranger on the neck in McDonalds. Apparently the poor bloke just froze.
6. Stuck his tongue in my mouth about 75 times in a month. Bet he’ll love this story when he’s a teenager.
7. Said ‘I love you Mum, I just want to be in your skin.’ Nawww.
8. Become apoplectic at eating pumpkin – then poked raw chicken and shoved his fingers in his mouth.
9. Learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!
10. Proven that no matter how much I loved him before (a significantly humungous amount) I manage to love him more every single day.

Much love, Melissa xo