Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

Argumentative Essay…Pain and Loss…

The Knowing and Knowledge tutorial subject in week seven was as follows, “Life inevitably brings pain and loss. One will need to grieve for loved ones who are gone. All that is normal. What is abnormal is the increasingly common attitude that there is a ‘cure’ or ‘pill’ for every ‘problem’ that all suffering is somehow unnatural and not to be tolerated.”

This is a very broad and diverse issue, with two main sides to the argument, as well as many different opinions and ‘but’ questions and statements in the middle. The statement made by this person clearly defines their stance. Their opinion is that suffering over personal loss is normal, and it is unnatural to be using medications to cure ourselves of this par Continue reading


Toilet Training – done!

Almost done toilet training!

Yay, we are now a nappy free house! And in the end, it was actually much easier than I thought it would be, all it took was a bit of bribery, and NOT in the form of chocolates of toys!
The deal was simple, you do a wee in the toilet, you get a train sticker for your chart, and I made sure to include the entire family.
Toilet chart
It’s great to see Jack is winning!

Much love, Melissa xo