I’m so excited about wee!

toilet roll

So the next step has been taken!  In true Jack style, it was all on his terms which is fine by me.  Basically we had spent the last several months encouraging him – as mentioned in previous post; letting him the toilet when we are in there (like we actually have a choice anyway) encouraging him to use the toilet or potty, and letting him run around with no pants on (again, like we even have a choice).  He acted like he wanted to, but no wee.  I even committed the evil act of attempting to bribe him with a prize – okay I’m cruel because I planned to the prize to be one mnm per wee, but that doesn’t matter now.

Anyway, this particularly exciting evening while myself and Shayne were busy, Jack wandered into the toilet, lifted the lid, widdled away, flushed, and walked off.  No mess, no fuss, and no request for previously promised bribe.  Never have I been so excited about a little bit of wee!  I always thought he’d bypass the potty as he has a habit of skipping steps – I think that’s an occupational hazard of being a spoiled single child who spends most of his time in the company of adults –  and this kind of action is a reminder to me that I need to have more faith and confidence in Jack deciding when he’s ready for things.

It can be hard to sometimes decide when to push your kids and when to let them develop at their own pace, and so much of that is based in the society ‘norm’.  Jack’s intelligence is excellent, he’s quite advanced for his age – and that’s not just me being a proud Mummy, professionals have pointed this out too – but his communication and social skills sometimes leave a little to be desired.  As his mum I worry, but then he does things like taking himself to the toilet on his own terms, and again I’m reminded not to underestimate him; and also to be careful when comparing kids to all ‘normality’ which is a dangerous game to play.

So, back to the wee, he only does this on his own if he already has no pants on, but working out pull-ups etc is just the next step.  That and reminding him the whole roll of paper doesn’t need to go in the bowl…

What’s your stories of toilet training?

Much love, Melissa xo


One thought on “I’m so excited about wee!

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