Our tale of toilet training…the road so far…

I always thought toilet training would be easier for boys, they have an aiming device after all, and what could be more fun than peeing on the grass?  Well, maybe not peeing on the grass, it seems.

Jack is showing every interest in the toilet, he must be in there if I need to go, he must close the door even though it is quite a tight fit, and he must roll out as much paper as he can, pop it in, and flush it.  I’ve managed to pull him up before filling the bowl with things it shouldn’t be, like empty toilet rolls, matchbox cars, and socks.  So far.  He knows what wee and pooh are, and often lets us know when he has one loaded up – sometimes he does the opposite and outright lies when he doesn’t want his play interrupted by a nappy change – or lets us know vocally when he is doing one in the bath, fortunately this is usually wee.

He has a little blue plastic toilet step and likes to take his pants off, stand on his step, flop his tackle directly on the cold porcelain, and strain away, hard.  But, nothing comes out.  After a few seconds of this, he tells me proudly he has done a wee, pops a handful of paper directly in the bowl, puts down the lid (good boy!) and flushes, washes his hands and runs away.

Recently, he almost closed the lid down when his bits were still resting on the edge of the bowl, fortunately I was standing there and stopped the momentum of the seat before it squashed his delicates and scared the idea of peeing in the loo out of him forever.  The alarm on his Dad’s face when I recounted this near miss highlighted how possibly awful it could have been!

Basically, I think we are on the right track, and I am loathe to push him too hard, lest it make him rebel.  And believe me, that’s the kind of kid he is!  I think we will continue on the way we are, encouraging with no pressure, and once he decides he wants to do it, he will.  I’m sure I’ll have many more stories of toilet training, possibly some of them ending up quite messily, before we have it mastered!  Have any of you parents out there experienced a horrific or wonderful toilet training stage?  I’d love to hear your stories!

Much love, Melissa xo


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