Chocolate Chips and Bugs…

Chocolate Chips and Bugs…

Did any of you know that chocolate chips and bugs really look quite similar? It’s an association I hadn’t made before now, but when a pair of pudgy fingers are pinching a small dark object and holding it out saying ‘For you, Mummy, for you,’ it can be hard to tell if it’s a chocolate chip plucked from a muesli bar, or a segment of a cockroach found on the floor.
That’s one thing I hadn’t thought about before becoming a mother. That and looking for rogue lolly-pops somewhere on the loose in the house among other things.

That’s parenthood, throwing odd things at you. Like letting my little man blow his nose on my microfibre cleaning cloth for my iPhone the other day. I simply had to, he was so proud to use a ‘tissue’ I didn’t have the heart to take it from him, who am I to discourage initiative? He held it up to his snot, looked at me very seriously, and blew, hard. I was proud, even if I had to throw out the $5 ‘tissue’. And just now, as I was typing, Jack gave me a beautiful big kiss. Then he sneezed explosively in my mouth, and is currently burying me in cushions.

I always knew I’d lack sleep with a little one, but I never thought exactly about how I’d be woken up. It’s quite diverse really. If it’s the morning and a certain someone considers it to be the right time to get out of bed, he pushes my blankets off me with great effort, (grunts and all), hands me a tissue to blow my nose – yes I’m that allergy person who needs to do this often -, hands me my glasses, and also my phone. Smart kid. Then, he grabs my feet and yanks them decisively to the floor. He wraps his soft little arms around my neck and pulls hard, all the while saying ‘’Et up Mummy! ‘Et up!’ The cuteness of this routine makes it so much easier to crawl out of bed!

During the night though, it’s usually over a contest for the middle of my pillow (which I regularly lose) Jack’s hair tickling inside my ear, or a heel square to my eye socket (unfortunately this fits like a glove). My slumber has also been interrupted by cries of ‘Big Chris!’ (Roary the Racing Car) and ‘Henry, Fat Controller!’ (Thomas the Tank Engine), or in the case of last night ‘Shoo butterfly!’. I’ve even been jerked out of sleep in absolute panic as a ratty, well loved blankie is being held firmly over my nose and mouth, much like a kidnappers chloroform rag. And if it’s not Jack waking me, it’s the neighbours cats having a punch-up inside our plastic toy-box in the backyard, which has nothing to do with Jack, but it was a scary and strange sound to wake up because of!

There are so many things you assume or imagine about parenthood before the fact, and then there are the things – like what I have just spoken about – that pop up and surprise you, which make even more precious memories.

Much love,

Melissa xo


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Chips and Bugs…

  1. I recall my sister and I lying next to mum in bed after we had awoken but she was still asleep (dad was the early riser of our household and had long since gotten up). My sister, for no reason at all, started saying nana nana nana nana” and then she screamed “BATMAN” out so loud our poor mother lept out of bed like she had been scalded. My sister was about seven at the well old enough to know better, and was scolded accordingly. lol (I think you will find that cuteness wears off somewhat by that age)

    • Ha I can totally picture ‘BATMAN!’ Such a sneaky tune! Yes it’s very clever the things they try out! I imagine ill have a lot of writing material over the years thanks to my little one…:)

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