Help, help me!


‘Help, help me!’ is the latest request by Master Two. No, he’s not asking me to assist him in putting his shoes on, or reach the biscuits, in fact when I do these things I’m regularly told to go away.

No, this is what he says when I’m carrying him down the street, or putting him in the car. ‘Help!’ he implores strangers plaintively. ‘Help me!’ I’ve had a few odd looks, but no-one’s accused me of kidnapping, not to my face anyway!

Maybe not the most uncomfortable thing he has said to people – at aged one he often said ‘Daddy!’ to strange men we happened across, most gave understanding smiles – but not the guy behind the counter at the Thai restaurant he looked scared and scuttled away quickly. I’ve mentioned, I am proud of Jack’s honesty and ability to voice his feelings, although I do wish he wouldn’t make me look like a child stealer.

I’m seeing myself in another year and having him point at me in the supermarket and scream ‘Stranger! Get away from me!’ or cowering and saying ‘Not in the face!’ if I don’t buy him a Freddo or something. I’m sure many of you mothers out there totally understand my point.

I’m going to put this experience down as one of the ‘terrible twos’ and take it on the chin, I’ll only worry if someone actually accuses me of kid theft. Point being, another gorgeous stage proving the proof to the selfish reason of having children, and I know I’m going to love looking back over these memories one day.

One of the best things about kids is what they say, and we’ve got many more years of conversation ahead of us!

Much love,

Melissa xo


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