The days of the Balls…


It’s official, I’m actually part of that older generation now. You know, the one that says to kids, ‘Oh, back in my day, we didn’t have that…we did things like this…’ Blah, blah, blah.

A 16 year old girl was describing her debutante ball dress to me the other week. It sounded gorgeous, green, detailed, strapless, knee-length, she didn’t have to carry flowers, it seemed there was no guide lines for this event. In my day our dresses were all white – maybe just off white if you were lucky – floor length ball-gowns, we wore elbow length gloves, matching flowers and in no circumstance could you have a strapless dress.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my debutante ball immensely and still put the night down as one of the best I’ve ever had. It could have been disastrous though. As girls do, I had my hair done by a local hairdresser during the day. Even though the shop was only three blocks from my house and I asked my Dad to come and pick me up, lest something awful happen to my hair on the way home. He told me not to be so lazy and walk the whole 7 minutes. Continue reading


Authors I love…

As is the case with many avid readers, I have a gaggle of fave authors from over the years. Some of them are from my childhood, some very recent, but they all do what I yearn to, which is make a fake world real to the reader. We know how amazing it is to climb inside another life.

Most of these authors are well known, and very successful, which stands to reason I believe. Popularity is simply the most liked, and I think these are considered that for very good reason.

Here’s a quick list of who my classic favourites are, which series of theirs I love in particular (if relevant). I’ll add quick explanations as to why i love them and links to their websites, some of which are simply brilliant. This list isn’t in order.

John Marsden– Tomorrow When The War Began.
This series is the winner in the ‘I couldn’t put it down’ competition. From the first chapter of book one, I was completely taken. As an Australian teen reader, – at the time – I identified with the characters who were real and gritty. This series gave me a great week of life (even if I barely slept, and had a few nightmares when I did!) and these are my tattiest books from being read and carted around so much.

Peter Allison – Whatever you do don’t run & Don’t look behind you – One of my newer faves.  Stories about African animals, from the view of a bumbling but lovable Aussie just trying to do his job as a safari guide on a continent on the opposite side of the world to where he grew up.  Each chapter is a great little anecdote of different animal encounters or dangerous/hilarious pickles Peter gets himself – and sometimes other people – into.  Follow Peter on Twitter @SafariPeter for mini versions of these narratives and great info on conservation in Africa.
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Help, help me!


‘Help, help me!’ is the latest request by Master Two. No, he’s not asking me to assist him in putting his shoes on, or reach the biscuits, in fact when I do these things I’m regularly told to go away.

No, this is what he says when I’m carrying him down the street, or putting him in the car. ‘Help!’ he implores strangers plaintively. ‘Help me!’ I’ve had a few odd looks, but no-one’s accused me of kidnapping, not to my face anyway!

Maybe not the most uncomfortable thing he has said to people – at aged one he often said ‘Daddy!’ to strange men we happened across, most gave understanding smiles – but not the guy behind the counter at the Thai restaurant he looked scared and scuttled away quickly. I’ve mentioned, I am proud of Jack’s honesty and ability to voice his feelings, although I do wish he wouldn’t make me look like a child stealer. Continue reading