Acid bath


I only have the one and he alone will give me enough material to write on here, every day, for the rest of my life! Yesterday, it was getting close to bed time, and I reminded him politely that it was bath time. ‘Mummy.’ he said sternly ‘No.’ I replied with a firm, decisive ‘Yes’ and proceeded to fill the bath. Now, toddlers are notoriously fickle creatures, we know this, and I wondered which way it will go this time. Sometimes, you can’t get him in, other days you can’t get him out. Apparently yesterday I was bathing him in acid. The screams reverberated through the house like a machine gun and not for the first time I felt inclined to leave leaflets in the neighbours letter boxes explaining that Jack has a temper, and is not being tortured on a regular basis.

I made sure he had a quick wash, then allowed him to get out. I used to think I’d be a stronger willed parent, but… well, I’m tired. Also, I’ve come to realise, that although the way Jack communicates isn’t always pleasurable, it is often best for all involved to try to reach a compromise. Mine was that he gets clean, but then he could make the choice to either stay in for a play, or get out. He got out. As adults, we often do things we don’t want to, but generally it’s for the greater good, and we understand that, even if we don’t like it.

Employment is usually a necessary evil, and even if you enjoy your job,(which I honestly do) there is often something you’d rather be doing elsewhere. I guess we all want to have a kick and a scream against stuff we don’t want to do, but society beats that kind of ‘behaviour’ out of us. Now, I’m no head doctor, but maybe this is where passive aggressiveness creates some issues? Maybe, maybe not. Possibly, growing up is more to do with understanding when and how to express your distaste in something, rather than learning how to cook or drive.

Society pigeon holes us, but maybe we prefer it that way. All I can say is, I’m certain my toddler is NOT passive aggressive yet, and he is also the most honest and straight forward human I know! Maybe society’s intervention is why I feel forced to eat well and work out to lower my weight? Yes, that’s it! Ahhhh….not really, I guess there’s no point pretending that’s anything more than laziness!

Much love,

Melissa xo


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